The Mayor’s welcome greetings

Dear Visitor!

May you be welcome in our small town with historic atmosphere, here in Balatonfüred on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. Our town has a history of two thousand years, it was an inhabited settlement during the Roman invasion already. The town achieved a truly important role during the 19-th century when it was considered one of the most important social and cultural centres of Hungary. Famous poets, writers, politicians spent their summer holidays here and found healing, as well. The town’s main attractive forces lie in its beautiful natural location, the healing effect of its acidulous springs, and in those delicious, good quality wines that grow here on the hills close to the Lake. Our historic and cultural traditions, decennial events and natural wonders allure visitors here all around the year.

When coming to our town please take a long walk around, visit our national heritage buildings, famous sights, go on a trip in the hills around and admire the beautiful sunsets at Lake Balaton.
I do believe that the time spent here gives You an everlasting experience, and so we may welcome You here again as a familiar acquaintance and friend in Balatonfüred.

Dr. Bóka István